Grease Trap Cleaning

Fast and Efficient Grease Trap Cleaning

If you own a business establishment where grease is common like a restaurant, it is very important that grease trap is cleaned regularly. Any problem in this part of the sewer system could mean a big expense in the future.

This expense could be in the form of damages in your property, loss in revenue and cost in terms of fines. Failure to deal with the grease production of your business could lead to fines.

For those who do not know, the purpose of a grease trap is to stop the thick grease of your establishment from clogging the municipal sewer system.

When you suspect that your grease trap is having some issues, do not anymore let your employees clean it for they are not professional enough to do so.

Rialto Plumbing is a company that handles most residential and commercial plumbing issues. Our many years of experience could prove that we are among the most reliable company to address the problem in your grease trap.

All our plumbers are regularly trained to ensure customer satisfaction in all the services we offer. We clean all type of grease trap regardless of its size. Whether the grease trap is inside or outside your establishment, we are ready to do the job.

Our company knows the important role it plays so be assured that we will not waste any time in doing our job. After our service, expect that your grease trap would be functioning well and you do not have to worry about any problems in your business.

Some Reasons why Grease Traps need Professional Cleaning:

  • Unmaintained grease traps are one of the major reasons for commercial plumbing system failure which leads to big expense.
  • If commercial grease would reach the drain field, it could cause damage to the facility.
  • There are some government regulations that grease trap needs complete pumping twice a year.

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